Punjabi Cultural Heritage Board (PCHB) is an organization of prominent Sikhs & Punjabis of Mumbai and Maharashtra. Families of renowned personalities including Industrialists, Businessmen, IAS & IPS officers from Maharashtra are part of this reputed Board. PCHB has been spearheading the promotion of Punjabi Culture & Heritage outside Punjab, since many years. We have been organizing cultural programmes like Lohri Di Raat & Baisakhi since last few years. On this festive occasion we are also honouring the Pioneers of different fields with the prestigious "Punjabi Icon Awards", which are of International repute. Dignitaries Governor of Pondicherry Shri Iqbal Singh, Union Minister for External Affairs Smt. Preneet Kaur, Vice Chairman of Law Commission & Renowned Supreme Court Lawyer Mr. KTS Tulsi, Shri Yash Chopra, Dharmendra, Jitendra & other bollywood personalities have graced the programme. It has been repeatedly seen in the Bollywood movies that the Sikh Community has been depicted as a symbol of comedy. Under the garb of comedy the role of Sikh characters are stretched to such an extent that they are reduced to mere characters of mockery. The main stream cinema should project "True Sikh" instead of portraying them as bumbling fools. Time and again Punjabi Cultural & Heritage Board has pointed this out to the authorities of Censor Board as well as the production houses in Bollywood.

The Sikh history has always shown that they were "BRAVE WARRIORS" whether it was the Mogul or the British Rule. We started cautioning from film Singh is King followed by Love Aaj Kal, Hadippa, Yamla Pagla Deewana, I Am Singh, No Problem, "Char Din Ki Chandini" etc. All these movies had shown disrespect to the Sikh Community by not showing the correct appearance of Sikh characters. Normally the Sikh character is always shown as an object of ridicule either in appearance or in the form of role. We also suggested corrections to all the above mentioned films & appreciate the amendments which they did to appease the Sikh Community. Mr. Sapra, MLC & President: PCHB had raised objection on behalf of Sikh Community with regard to certain dialogues & scenes in the film "Son of Sardaar". Earlier a letter had been addressed to Ajay Devgan specifying the objections. Ajay Devgan along with Co-producers met the delegation of PCHB in presence of Mr. Sapra. After discussing it was agreed by Mr. Devgan that the objectionable dialogues & scenes will be removed from the promos as well the film. Mr. Sapra also asked the producers to remove the objectionable promos from internet (Youtube) which was done. As a precautionary measure it was also decided that Ajay Devgn Production will show the amended film to the Board members of PCHB before release. A special screening of the same was organized by Mr. Ajay Devgan on Monday 29th October, 2012 at Adlabs, Film City, for the delegation of PCHB. It was observed that all the objectionable dialogues & scenes were corrected Mr. Sapra has also conveyed to all the production houses that they can have free guidance or assistance, if required, for the futuristic films depicting Sikh Community role in it. Mass Marriages of the poor who cannot afford is now our main motto. All the basic things required for household purpose will be provided to all the couples free of cost by PCHB. We are planning for the same in the coming 2 months